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Admission to Degree and PG Courses are through online allotment


Online Admission to Degree Courses, University of Kerala, Click Here

Online Admission to PG Courses, University of Kerala, Click Here
1 Students are ordinarily admitted only at the beginning of the first term of the first year of the Degree Course
2 Students joining the college incur the liability to pay the fees for the whole year:

a)    Provide that if a students after obtaining the Transfer Certificate from one college under the Directorate is admitted to any other college under the Directorate for the same course he/she shall not be called upon to pay over again the fees already paid for the term to the college which issued the T.C

b)    If a students leaves a private college in one place and joints College in another place under the Directorate during the course a term consequent on the transfer of his/her parent who is a Government Servant he/she is liable to pay the prescribed fee only for the period during which the student’s name is on the rolls of the college under the Directorate.

Students will be selected for admission of M.A/M.Sc. Course on the basis of the results of the B.A/ B.Sc. Examinations and those for M.Phil. Course on the basis of the results of the M.A./ M.Sc. Examination and according to the rules in force from time to time.

For selection to the M.Sc. Course, the applicants should have secured at least 55% marks in Part III (main and subsidiary subjects together).  For S.C./ S.T. students the minimum shall be 35% and for O.B.C. students 53%.

For admission to the M.A. Course the applicants should have secured 45% marks in Part III.  For the languages groups those securing 50% marks in Part I English or Part II (for languages other than English) will also be eligible (The 2% concession in marks for O.B.C. students will be applicable).  For SC/ST students the minimum shall be 35% marks.  (Vide Lr. No. Adad. L. 4104/R/88 dated 22-8-1988 from the University of Kerala)

For admission to M. Phil. candidates with a minimum of 55% marks in the subject in their Post Graduate Degree alone are eligible for admission.  Admission will be based on an aptitude test including a synopsis of the proposed research dissertation carrying 100 marks conducted by the committee and marks obtained at the qualifying examination.  The synopsis will be evaluated by the doctoral committee.  

Fifteen per cent of the total seats for each of the M.S/M.Sc. courses is reserved of candidates belonging to the Scheduled Caste and five per cent for candidates belonging to Scheduled Tribes

Five per cent of the total seats for each of the M.A/M.Sc. courses is reserved of candidates belonging to the Scheduled Caste and five per cent for candidates belonging to Socially and Educationally Backward Communities provided that a candidate eligible for the benefit of reservation is the aggregate income (i.e., income of all members in his/her family from all sources taken together) is less than Rs. 40,000 (Rs. Forty thousand only) per annum and as proof they should produce income certificate.
3 All Candidates for admission must present at the time of admission Transfer Certificate from the college they last attended, Conduct Certificates and Course Certificates.
4 Students who had their education outside the territorial limit of the University of Kerala must produce: a Migration Certificate from the University at which they were last educated; and (b) a University certificate qualifying them for admission to the course which they wish to undergo.
5 No students will be entrolled or allowed to attend any class until the fees due from him have been paid.
6 Students who are admitted after the re-opening date will lose attendance for the days preceding admission and the days so lost will be counted as days of absence for reckoning attendance for the year.
7 A students applying for his Transfer /Certificate must gave paid all fees or other dues to the College.  If his/her application for such certificate is not received within one year of leaving the College he/she will be liable to pay a penalty fee of Rs.15.
8 (a)  A student who has not been promoted from the junior class should inform the Principal before the re-opening date in writing whether he intends to continue his studies in this college or not.  Otherwise he will be treated as having discontinued his studies and his Transfer Certificate will be issued according to Rule 8.
(b).  Applications for Transfer Certificates should be made to the Principal, with a statement showing the class and group last studied with year and if the certificates is required for joining some other college, the name of that college.
9 A students applying for a Transfer Certificates or return of his S.S.L. Certificate or any other certificate from the college office must have cleared all his dues to the college and enclose stamps to cover the postage for sending them to his address by registered post.
10 Applicants for extracts from college records of particulars about themselves or date of birth must pay a fee of Rs.2.
11 Students of the junior classes who do not secure promotion to senior class and who have informed the Principal as per rule 9 (a) should rejoin the college and pay fees on the re-opening day after summer vacation or as otherwise directed.  A seat cannot be reserved for a student who does not comply with this direction.
12 Students who do not secure promotion in two successive attempts will not be allowed to continue in the college.