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Particulars of fees payable for B.A./B.Sc.

(A) Admission Fee Rs. 75
(B) Tuition Fees
(i) B.A./B.Sc. Rs. 660 payable in 3 Termly installments of @Rs. 220
(C) Special Fees : Rs.
(1) Library Fee 50
(2) Athletic Fee 75-
(3) Stationery Fee 25
(4) Calendar Fee 15
(5) Medical Inspection 10
(6) Accidental Insurance Scheme 25
(7) Women's Study Unit 10
(8) Laboratory Fee
For I, II, III B.Sc. Botany and Zoology 360
I B.Sc. & & II B.Sc. Maths 100
I. B.Sc. Physics
II. B.Sc. Chemistry 280
III. B.Sc. Geology, Geography
9. Magazine Fee 35
10 Association Fee 25
11 Students Aid Fund Fee 20
12 Visual Education Fee 25
13 Scouts and Guides 5
(ii) For M.A./M.Sc.
(A) Admission Fee 150
(B) Tuition Fee 1100

(Payable in 3 installments @Rs. 400+400+300)
(C) Special Fees :
1. Athletic Fee 75
2. Association Fee 25
3. Accidental Insurance Scheme 25
4. Calender Fee 15
5. Magazine Fee 35
6. Medical Inspection Fee 10
7. Stationery Fee 25
8. Students Aid Fund 20
9. Scouts and Guides 5
10. Visual Education Fee 25
11. Women's Study Unit 10
12. Library Fee 75
13 Laboratory Fees
I & II M.A. - Psycology 900
II M.Sc. Maths 900
I M.Sc & II. M.Sc. (Statistics and all I M.Sc & II M.Sc. Subjects except I M.Sc. Maths) 900
For B.A./B.Sc. and M.A. M.Sc.
(D) University Fees
(a) University Union Fee 50
(b) Sports Affiliation Fee 50
(c) Registration and Matriculation Fee 100
(d) Recognition Fee 300 (for those passing the qualifying exam from University other than Kerala University)
(E) Caution Deposit (Refundable)
(a) B.A./B.Sc. all subjects 360
(b) M.A. for all subjects and M.Sc. Maths 600
(c) M.Sc. for all subjects except Maths 600
(d) M.Phil - Semester 1200
(e) M.Phil. - all subjects 1200
(f) Ph.D. - Part time 1200
(g) Ph.D. - Full time 1200
(F) Research Fees 1200+1155 Spl. Fees for one year

Students who are admitted only for a term should pay one-third of the tuition fee for the year together with the full miscellaneous fees.

In the case of the casual students all the fees due from them for the whole year may be collected at the time of their admission.

Evey student in the College shall be liable to pay the prescribed fee for the whole term, during any part of which his/her name is on the rolls of the college.

Note : - (i) The rates of fees given above are liable to change.

(ii) S.C./S.T/O.E.C. students are exempted from payment of Caution Deposit, but O.B.C. and S.E.B.C. students should pay the Caution Deposit.

On the dates fixed for any particular class, fees will not be accepted from students of other classes. FEES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED ON ANY DAY AFTER 2. p.m (Vide G.O. No. 89/SLI/80/Fin. dated 26.12.1980) To avoid inconvenience students are advised to bring the exact amount of fees. For every payment made to the office a receipt will be issued by the Accountant which should be produced if and when called upon to do so.

The above rules are subject to modification