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University College Journal of Politics and Society (UCJPS)
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Frequency: 2 issues/year | ISSN: 2347-8411

Established in 2005 and published for the Department of Political Science, University College, Thiruvananthapuram, University College Journal of Politics and Society (UCJPS) is a leading general-interest journal of Political Science/International Relations. The scholarship published in University College Journal of Politics and Society is theoretically innovative and methodologically diverse, and comprises a blend of the various intellectual approaches that make up the discipline.

University College Journal of Politics and Society features balanced treatments of research from scholars around the world, in all subfields of political science including Indian politics, comparative politics, international relations, political theory, and political methodology.

Editorial Advisory Board

Prof. N.R Madhava MenonFormer Vice Chancellor, National Juridical University, Kolkata
Prof.(Dr.) K. Raman PillaiFormer Professor & Head, Department of Political Science, University of Kerala
Prof.(Dr.) B. VivekanandanFormer Chairman, Centre for Western European Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi
The Principal, University College, Thiruvananthapuram
Prof.(Dr.) R.K Suresh KumarFormer Head, Department of Political Science, University College, Thiruvananthapuram

Dr. G.Radhakrishna KurupFormer Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, University College
Dr. N. Vikramanachary, Former Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, University College

Chief Editor
Shri. Harilal CFormer Head, Department of Political Science, University College

Associate Editors
Dr. Balachandran Pillai, Assistant Professor & Head, Department of Political Science, University College
Dr. Anil Kumar P, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, University College

Editorial Board
Dr.Biju Lekshmanan
Dr.Hari Kumar SL
Shri. Biveesh UC
Dr. Satheesh Kumar PK
Smt. Sini L
Shri. Aneesh
Shri.Firoz Khan
Shri. Manu M.R.

Guidelines to Contributors

The University College Journal of Politics and Society (UCJPS) seeks manuscripts that make outstanding contributions to scholarly knowledge about notable theoretical concerns, empirical issues, or methodological strategies in any sub-field of Political Science/International Relations. The UCJPS will not review manuscripts that are under consideration for publication elsewhere, manuscripts with contents that have been substantially published elsewhere, or new versions of manuscripts that have been rejected previously by the Journal. Papers that do not meet the formatting and submission guidelines will not be sent out for review.

Articles are selected for publication in the UCJPS on the basis of a double-blind review process. Authors and co-authors of submissions to the UCJPS are expected to review manuscripts for the Journal. The UCJPS Editor reserves the right to refuse submissions from authors who repeatedly fail to provide reviews for the Journal when invited to do so. Any such submission refusals will be made only after consultation with at least two members of the UCJPS Editorial Board.

Notes to Manuscript Submission

A manuscript submitted for review to the University College Journal of Politics and Society should be prepared as follows:

  • The manuscript should address an important research problem or question, display a high level of creativity or innovation in research, contribute in a novel way to a body of knowledge, and (as appropriate) demonstrate superb theoretical development along with state-of-the art use of appropriate methodology.
  • The manuscript must effectively and informatively communicate its contribution to a general political science audience.
  • The manuscript should present its content as efficiently as possible, with no unnecessary material included in the text or exhibits. For example, including a paragraph at the end of the introductory section laying out the organization of the paper is unnecessary.
  • The manuscript must include a title page featuring an abstract of 150 words or fewer followed by a word count for the manuscript. The abstract should provide a very concise descriptive summary of the research stream to which the manuscript contributes, the specific research topic it addresses, the research strategy employed for the analysis, the results obtained from the analysis, and the implications of the findings.
  • In order to maintain the integrity of the double-blind peer review process, the manuscript must exclude any author-identifying information, such as title page information listing authors’ names and affiliations, expressions of appreciation to others for advice or data, statements of where the manuscript may have been presented at a conference, acknowledgments of support for the research, or citations to the authors’ unpublished work.
  • Submissions to the UCJPS should be no longer than 10,000 words. The word count includes the main body of text, notes, references, and the headers of tables and figures. It does not include the title page, Abstract, or Supporting Information.
  • Article specification is Font: Times New Roman, Font Size:12, Space Between Lines: 1.5
Style Sheet:
  • All submissions should follow the style Manual of APA 6th Edition
  • Throughout the text follow In-text citations:
Include information about a source within the text of your assignment:
  • the name of the author or authors
  • the year of publication
  • the page number (see below for further information-how a reference in text and reference at the end are given)
Author:  Sudipta Kaviraj
Politics in India
Place of Publication:    New Delhi
Oxford University Press
Year of Publication :  1998
Page number referred: 15

In text reference style
(Kaviraj, 1998, p. 15)

Reference Style
Kaviraj, Sudipta. (1998). Politics in India. New Delhi: Oxford University Press.

For more details see the link APA Style