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Designation:Associate Professor & Head

Department of .Geography........
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Present Position
Associate Professor
Experience 20 Years at U.G level and 19 Years at P.G. level
Highest Qualification M.Phil
Areas of Interest Urban Geography, Geography of Tourism, Regional Geography
Field of Research
Guideship Details
Subjects Handled
Urban Geography, Geography of Tourism, World Regional Geography
Academic Responsibilities Undertaken
Worked as Chairman, B.Sc & Msc Geography examination, University of Kerala and Examiner , M.Sc geography for University of Kerala and Calicut University,memberBoard of studies,university of Kerala,member Academic Council University of Kerala
Duties Performed
Research Projects Undertaken
Research Publications
Books Published

Paper Presentations Presented a paper at the International Conference on Land use change, Biodiversity and Climatic change, held at NMC, Marthandom,  Kanyakumari   on 06.10.2008 & 07.10 2008.
Seminars / Workshops Organized National seminar on Women empowerment held at University college Thiruvananthapuram on 29.03.2004
  • Seminars Attended
  • Attended the Indian Geography Congress organized by Centre for Earth Science Studies, Thiruvananthapuram on behalf of NAGI at  Thiruvananthapuram  from 29.12.1997 to 31.12.1997
  • PRITHVI- 2005 GLOBAL ECO MEET-International seminar on eco lifestyle by Swadeshi  Science Movement at Thiruvananthapuram held from 19.02.2005 to 28.02.2005.
  • National  seminar on Geo informatics & environmental management at govt. college Kariavattom,  on 15.03 2006.
  • International  Seminar on Democratic and Secular Education organised by Govt. of Kerala at  Kerala University campus, Kariavattom  from 04.12.2008 to 06.12.2008
  • Panel Discussion on Climate change at Centre for earth Science Studies, Thiruvananthapuram 0n 09.06 2009.
  • National seminar Spatial technology for watershed planning      organised by State Land use Board on 8.1.2014 &9.1.2014
  • National seminar on New Trends in Higher                              Education,university college,Directorate of Collegiate              Education,27.3.2014 &28.1.2014
Workshops Attended
  • Participated and completed the training  programme   conducted by Rolta India Ltd, Mumbai in  Geovec  office, GIS office, MTA, MGGA, and ERMA DM during 01.08.2000 to 14.08.2000
  • Workshop for the development of training module for higher secondary teachers by SCERT held  at  Thrissur from 02.11.2003 to 6.11.2003.
  • Workshop on the understanding the dynamics of GIS, at the Department of Geography , Govt. College , Chittur, from 20.12.2004 to24.12.2004.
  • Training in MS office and Internet at IHRD, Thiruvananthapuram  from 05.09.2005 to 27.10.2005
  • Workshop and public appraisal held at Mother Teresa Women’s University ,Chennai on 18.02 2006 & 19.02.2006.
  • Census Data Dissemination Workshop on 10th August 2007 at  C.D.S, Thiruvnanthapuram.
  • Workshop on curriculum design for under graduates by Kerala  State higher Education Council & university of Kerala from 11.03. 2009 to 13.03.2009 ,28.03 2009-29.03 2009, at the department of Geography, University college, Thiruvananthapuram.
  • National workshop on Natural Hazards, Disaster Mitigation and Management on 25.08.2009 & 26.08.2009, at Centre for Earth Science Studies, Thiruvavanthapuram.
  • Workshop on 10th equivalency hand book,SCERT,Kerala State Literacy MissionAuthority from 21.11. 2011to 23.11.2011
  • Workshop on Water shed planning for Natural Resource Managementon 15 .2 2012 &16.2.2012
  • Work shop on Modern Survey Instruments in geography on 17.3.2014 &18.3.2014 at university college.
  • workshop on restructuring CBCSS First Degree Programme in Geography ,Board of Studies, university of Kerela0n 27.3.2014 &28.3.2014
Refresher Courses Attended
  • Refresher  course in Environmental Science held at the Academic Staff College ,University of Kerala  from 21.10.2001 to 10.11.2001.
  • Refresher  course in Environmental Science  held at the Academic Staff College, University of Kerala from21.07.2003 to 11.08.2003.
Orientation Programmes Attended
  • Orientation course in Multidiscipline conducted by the Academic Staff College,  University of Kerala from 17.07.1996 to 13.08.1996
  • Orientation  programme in Computational Geo Science by K erala State Council for Science &Technology, at Thiruvananthapuram on 02.05.2006.
  • Orientation  programme  on the regulation of choice based credit and semester system at Govt. Women’s college Thiruvananthapuram on 10.12.2009.
  • Orientation programme on  Methodology and common courses for restructured undergraduate  programme  in Geography, by Kerala State higher Education Council and University of Kerala, on 15.01.2010and 16.01 2010.
Awards / Honours / Patents Conferred
Membership (s) in Life member INdian Meteorological Society
Consultancy Services