Trivandrum University College

Department of Physics



The origin of the deparment. can be traced back to 1890 when a chair for applied Mathematics & Physics was created in the college.Dr. A C Mitchell -a Scottish Scientist and Fellow of Royal Society of Edinburgh was appointed in that post. Dr. Mitchell who held many important positions in the state later was responsible for building the magnificent Physics laboratory and starting a separate dept. for physics in 1906-1907. B A degree course in Physics was started in1908.

The dept. was part of science college in 1923. In 1927 the dept. became part of the University Collegeunder the Travancore University.

M.Sc course in Physics commence in 1941. Research activities in the dept. gathered momentum due to the introduction of M Sc course. Research works were carried out in diversified areas such as material Science, X-rays , Natural Radioactivity, Cismic Rays and Microwave propagation.

The dept. came under the administration of Govt. Of Kerala in1957.
M Phil course started in 1994.
Semester system introduced for PG course from 2001.

Eminent Alumni of this dept. includes
Dr. C S Venkiteswaran                          (student of Sir C V Raman)
Sri Venkitaramanan                               (former Reserve Bank Governer)
Dr. P K Iyangar                                    (former chairman Atomic Energy Commission)
Sri Jacob Punnoose                              (DGP, Kerala)
Padmasree Dr. Thanu Padmanabhan     (IUCAA)
Dr. Madhavan Nair. G                          ( Chairman ISRO)
Sri Kris. Gopalakrishnan                       (CEO Infosys)

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