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Our Vision

Proudly bearing a rich heritage of one hundred and fifty years, the University College, Trivandrum, is the point of genesis of English education in the State. Our home community of teachers, students and researchers strive to contribute to the production and dissemination of knowledge. The college aims to mould the students into responsible and socially committed citizens of the nation through a future oriented and interdisciplinary paradigm of learning, empowering them through socialist and secular strategies of instruction to aspire for contributing to the nation’s development.

Our Mission

  • To move forward and keep pace with the changing needs and spirit of the time
  • To adopt innovative teaching strategies for achieving learning excellence
  • To foster innate talents of the students, building  upon our  rich legacy and heritage
  • To bridge the rural-urban divide, through quality education and thus ensure social justice in higher education by serving  the economically and socially backward sections, irrespective of religion, region, race or caste
  • To integrate with the outside community through interactive program  evolving the students into vibrant organic intellectuals