Gifted Children’s Training

PROMOTION OF EXCELLENCE AMONG GIFTED STUDENTS is a program for children grades VIIIth and IXth standard using a hands-on approach integrating mathematics, science (Physics, Chemistry & Biology), English, information technology and counseling in all the districts in Kerala. The program is consistent with the international recommendations in Science Curriculum and Evaluation Standards for School students. The model of learning includes interaction with the real world through hands-on activities; design, construction, and use of data records; use of graphic/pictorial representations to display data; and engagement in the higher-order thinking processes of hypothesizing, inferring, and generalizing.

Directorate of Public Instruction

The Directorate of Public Instructions Kerala plays key role in overall development of students studying in different schools across the state. The state has grown significantly in last 50 years in the education and became first state in the country to organize such a programme to enlighten the students with the policy of catch them at young. Directorate of Public Instructions chose specific elements to ensure that the Science technologies are captured by the different science areas and, in turn that the different science areas each contribute to technology development.

Aims and scope
The PROMOTION OF EXCELLENCE AMONG GIFTED STUDENTS programme seeks to understand the interactions within and between students from different schools of a district to create a social, cultural awareness coupled with science temper.
The programme provides a platform for building a new academic discipline, sustainability science, which can point the way to a sustainable global society. The novelty of sustainability science lies in its approach to many challenges that existing disciplines have not addressed. These challenges include, but are not limited to, endeavors to simultaneously understand phenomena and solve problems, uncertainty and application of the precautionary principle, the co-evolution of knowledge and recognition of problems, and trade-offs between global and local problem prevention and solving.

It will promote science-based predictions and impact assessments of global change, and seek ways to ensure that such predictions and assessments can be understood and accepted by society and thus be used to strengthen the social system. For this purpose, clear benchmarks and indicators should be identified for the sustainable restoration of global, social, and human systems and their interaction. Sustainability Science aims to address such issues by creating a transdisciplinary academic structure and discovery. Ultimately, the programme sees as its goal the use of such research, in collaboration between students, teachers/scientists, and the public, to build a recycling-oriented society, improve food and water security, tackle population problems, mitigate global warming, and transform the socioeconomic structure of contemporary society into one that is more sustainable. With this goal in mind, the PROMOTION OF EXCELLENCE AMONG GIFTED STUDENTS seeks to play the important role of providing a multidisciplinary forum for communication among students, policy makers, practitioners, educators, and the younger generation.

The Main objectives of the programme are:

  • Provide an overall guidance to students to know their potentiality and to know the science and technology development globally away from their routine curriculum.
  • Experimentation in science
  • Field analysis in ecologically important zones & visit to research labs

Future perspectives
The programme make students to recognizes the fact that progress of science and technology in society requires not only the creation and motivation , but also the creation and promotion of scientific temperament among the masses. It is necessary to create awareness among the students of the importance of science and technology in fostering the socio-economic development of the Kerala and India at large. This will definitely lead to an all round development among students in their life.
Programme schedule
Two classes per month for each Batch of VIIth & IXth students

Classes comprises

  • Higher level orientation by experts from different science subjects
  • On hand experience presented by scientists from various Research lOrganizations
  • Quiz competitions
  • Debates and seminars by students
  • Lab visits to get on hand experience in science
  • Field trips
  • Interviews
  • Finally an objective examination

Initially the programme was arranged at Govt. Vocational and Higher Secondary School, Mancaud by the District co-ordinators Dr. S.N.Kumar, Reader in Geology, UniversitynCollege and Dr. Sudarshana kumar, Reader in Physics, M.G. College, Trivandrum. 2008 onwards the charge was handed over to Dr. K.Murugan, Associate Professor of Botany and Dr. Biju Longos, Associate Professor of Geology, University College. Now the programme in Trivandrum district was arranged at Department of Botany, University College, Trivandrum. The students are trained with the objective of fascinating towards Basic Science. The students participating the programme belong to various schools of sub district Trivandrum, Neyyatinkara and Attingal. The programme was monitored by Deputy Director of Education, Trivandrum. There are 60 students in each batch. i.e. 60 from VIIIth standard as fresh and they will continue till in IXth standard. So there will be a total of 120 students at a time. Classes are arranged separate for seniors and juniors. They are also getting chances to present their scientific data in Seminars including National Children’s Science Congress and Initiative for Research and Innovation in Science (IRIS). For the year 2008-2009 and 2009-2010 students got the National Children’s Science Congress awards. The present co-ordinators are Dr. K.Murugan and Dr. Dinesh Babu, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Govt. College for Women. The classes are arranged on two Saturdays month (Second and IVth saturdays).