Vision and Mission

  • To mould students of the institution into well-meaning citizens of the nation through a socially committed, intellectually inclined, culture driven and future oriented paradigm of learning.
  • To empower the students to aspire for significantly contributing to the nation‟s development through socialist and secular strategies of instruction. Mission Statement
  • The institution shall always strive to stride forward and keep pace with the changing needs and spirit of the times. It shall not lounge on its glorious past.
  • The college shall continue to foster talent and build on its rich repository of fame and prestige.
  • The institution shall continue to uphold its commitment to the nation in general and to the society in particular and perpetually strive to carry this out through a series of carefully crafted, tested and systematically executed steps of actions.
  • University College shall spare no effort to continue to spread and further its academic potential and effulgence by providing conducive academic ambience for all classes of students and teachers.
  • The institution shall signify learning from the past, assimilating the present and planning for the future.