Department of Biochemistry



The Department of Biochemistry, University College, Trivandrum was started in the year 1984 and at present it offers subsidiary Biochemistry for Zoology and Botany main students. Biochemistry is now one among the most rapidly expanding areas of science and occupies a pivotal position in teaching and research of all Biological and Bio-Medical Sciences. Biochemistry is actively applied to many important areas such as medicine, agriculture and pharmaceutical industry. Recent advances in Bio-technology and its industrial applications have been possible only due to a thorough understanding of the underlying principles of Biochemistry. Biochemists are able to dissect biological systems into their working components and to apply their knowledge and skills to modify them. This being the basic nature of the subject, biochemists have a choice of an extraordinarily wide range of careers. So efforts are to be made to further develop this subject at the college levels so that students will get a better opportunity to learn and explore the subject.