Department of Geology



The Department of Geology in University College was established in June 1953 after a course in B.Sc. (Geology) was sanctioned by the University of Travancore for equipping Keralites for mineral resource utilization and conservation. The Department started functioning by introducing Geology as the main subject under Part-III for the B.Sc. Course in the University College from the academic year 1953-54. Dr. C. S. Venkateswaran, M. Sc., D.Sc., the then Principal, got the unique chance of introducing Geology at the Degree Level in the College for the first time in the erstwhile State of Travancore – Cochin. Initially, classes were conducted in the space provided at the office of the Division of Mineral Survey and Research (DMSR), which was started and organized by Shri. T. R. M. Lawrie, B.Sc., F.G.S., (whose service was loaned from the British Geological Survey by the then Maharaja of Travancore. The facilities available at the Research Center were utilized in teaching Geology. Shri. K. Kunjunni Menon, Senior Research Officer, Division of Mineral Survey and Research was appointed as Professor of Geology with effect from 14-06-1954. The other teachers appointed as Lecturers were Shri. K. P. Ramachandran Nair (w.e.f. 15-06-1953) and Shri. K. V. Krishnan Nair and Shri. T. C. Madhava Panicker (w.e.f. November 1957). Another Lecturer, Shri. P. Gopalraman was appointed on provisional basis for three months from 31st January 1960. The classes were held with allotted student strength of 12 in the Division of Mineral Survey and Research in the space allotted by the University till 15-06-1963. On the same day the department was shifted to the Applied Chemistry building in the University College campus, where it is functioning presently. The present allotted strength of B.Sc. Geology course is 14. The following stalwarts later joined the department and had rendered their invaluable services for its growth: Prof. P. Krishnan Nair, Prof. N. Harimohana Bhattathiri, Prof. S. Ayyappan Nair, Prof. M. Rama Sarma, Prof. R. Krishnanath, Prof. R. Mahadeva Iyer, Prof. S. Mohana Kumar, Prof. Sriram, Prof. G. Gopalakrishnan, Dr. C. Gangadharan Nambiar, Prof. Beenu Kumar, Prof. C. T. Mathew, Prof. D. Salim, Dr. S. N. Kumar and Dr. P. Mohamed Rafeekh. The M. Sc. course in Geology was started in the department in 1995 with an allotted strength of 3, which was later enhanced to 8. Geology as a subsidiary to Geography Main students is also offered in the department since 1989-90. The present faculty strength is eight. The Department is being sponsored by the Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India, under the DST-FIST scheme, since 2007 for a period of five years.