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The Department of Zoology was established in the year 1922 with Natural science as a subject for the intermediate course. In 1924, Zoology was introduced as a subsidiary subject with Botany main for the BA degree course of the Madras University. In 1931, Zoology main course was started for B.A. Degree with 24 students. Dr. K.S. Padmanabha Iyer was appointed as the first Professor of Zoology. Under his leadership the department developed into a full-fledged one. In 1937, when the Travancore University was established, the B.A Degree courses in Science subjects were abolished and B. Sc Degree courses were introduced. Prof. C.C. John, Marine Biology and Fisheries of the University was appointed the Honorary Professor of Zoology in 1941, for a period of two years. Thereafter, Dr. K. Bhaskaran Nair became Professor. With the amalgamation of the Arts and Science colleges in 1942, there was pressure for accommodation. In 1948, the Government constructed a beautiful new building on the southern side of the main block to house the Department of Zoology. This paved the way for expansion, resulting in the introduction of M. Sc Course and research facilities for Ph.D. The first batch consisting of 6 students were admitted to the M. Sc course in 1950. General Entomology was offered as the special subject for the course. Dr. K Bhaskaran Nair, the then professor took the initiative in equipping the department for advanced research and postgraduate studies. In 1957, the old scheme of two-year B.Sc. Degree course was abolished and the three-year degree course was introduced. In 1960, Dr. K Bhaskaran Nair left the department to take up the post of Director of Collegiate Education. Initially, Zoology Dept of the University of Kerala was functioned at this prestigious Department with Dr. K.K. Nair as the Professor & Head. Later, it was shifted to the University premises at Kariavattom in 1968. After this a number of eminent professors had taken charge of this department and tried their level best to maintain this department as one of the best in the state. In 1994 M. Phil course was introduced. Currently the Department has three major research projects. The Department is providing research consultancy to the research students of near by Colleges & other Universities. The department has been identified by DST, Govt. of India under FIST programme and KSCSTE, Govt of Kerala under FIST programme. The Department has well equipped Research Laboratory, Computer Laboratory and ICT enabled Seminar Hall.