Dr. T. K. Rajendran

Assistant Professor & Research Guide

Department of English
@  tkrajendran-at-universitycollege.ac.in

# +91-9400.756.542

Academic Qualifications

  • Ph D (University of Kerala)
  • MA English Language and Literature from University of Kerala

Area of Interest (Teaching)

  • Literary Theory and Modern Literature

Area of Interest (Research)

  • Cultural Theory

Additional Responsibilities

  • Member of Editorial Board of the academic journal, Creatcrit (Assam)

Journal Publications

  • ”The Roots that Clutch: Myths as the Rhizome of Literature”. Litcrit (2019)
  • ”The Journey of the Self: Nature and Culture in Soul Mountain. English Activities Update (2018)

Books (edited/chapter)

  • Literary Theory: A Time Line. Bodhi Tree Books (2021)
  • A Contemporary Encyclopedia of British Literature Vol. 3 (Ed.) Bodhi Tree Books (2020)
  • ”Resisting Disnification: Nature, Culture and Religion in Life of Pi”. Literary Theory: Textual Application. Atlantic, 2018

Papers presented

  • UGC Minor Research Project: Young Adults Literature as an Agent of Positive Change in Young Adults (2012)